Most of us have tried this – the acute pain in the back or paim building up over a prolonged time. Anything from the classical lumbago to tho more severe conditions as disc herniation or disc protrusions

No matter the reason or the level of pain , most people probably agrees that backpain affect ones quality of life while there, and the fact that there are never at good time for having back pain

A large proportion of the Danish population regularly suffers from pain in the back and many unfortunately have to call in sick for an shorter or longer period. Approx. 80% of the Danish population is thought to have problems with low back pain within the last year, while about 10% have back pain to such an extent that they experience reduced level of daily function.

Unfortunately, research shows that even 2 weeks of sick leave due to back pain significantly increases the risk of not returning to work. Fortunately, research also shows that early intervention against back pain significantly reduces this risk.

Quickly and relevant intervention for your back pain is therefore of need so that you can return to normal daily  function as quick as possible. Professionals such as an chiropractor are therefor handy for dealing with your back pain. Chiropractors are the one professional group with highest education and most experience in dealing with back pain, and therefore an obvious choice when having having pain in the back

Why does the back hurt?

There are many reasons why the back begins to ache. The course of back problems are often multi functional – this means that several factors contributes to the pain. Among the most most common reasons contributing are

  • Genetics
  • Overweight
  • Past injuries and trauma
  • Monotone work functions or repetitive heavy lifting

Back pain comes in all ages, from babies to the very old. The choice of treatment technique depends on the specific problem as well as the age of the patient. Treatment and approach are thus individual and depend not only on age, pain but also on the patient’s own function and motivation for own efforts.

Together we can make an plan for return to the best possible function in everyday life with the least possible pain.

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