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Payment and cancellation

If you wish to cancel your booking, it must be in writing and no later than 12.00 noon the day before the scheduled arrival. Hereafter the agreement is binding and the booked stay must be paid in full, incl. any additional services ordered.
If you choose to leave earlier than planned, we need to know no later than 12.00 noon the day before the desired departure date.

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Prices from:

Prices are shown in DKK

Shared bath/toilet in hallway
1 pers. 445,-
2 pers. 510,-
3 pers. 620,-
4 pers. 800,-
5 pers. 920,-
Bed in a dorm 200,-

Private bath/toilet in your room
1 pers. 545,-
2 pers. 610,-
3 pers. 720,-
4 pers. 890,-
5 pers. 990,-

Private kitchenette/bath/toilet in your room
3 pers. 910,-
4 pers. 910,-

Furthermore, you can also order breakfast. Please find our prices below. Children 0-1 years are free of charge – see below for renting beds for babies.

Additional rates 2018 Price
Breakfast 85,-
Breakfast for children under 12 years 50,-
Family breakfast for 2 adults and 1 child, under 12 years old 200,-
Family breakfast for 2 adults and 2 children, under 12 years old  240,-
Family breakfast for 2 adults and 3 children, under 12 years old 280,-
Bed for child, max 2 years old 50,-
Danhostel Discount Card for foreign guests 160,-


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