What do our guests say?

Here at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager, we are fully aware that no two courses are the same, and that a course organiser and host for a team of course participants may often need an invisible partner in the background.
Below, you can meet two of our guests who have both held courses at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager:

I need a place that makes me curious

Whenever Ole Terp, the owner of Terp Innovation, plans his courses, he focuses on one thing in particular every time: the course venue has to be special and it has to arouse his curiosity.

In 2012, Ole Terp held four communications courses for employees in the HK (salaried employees’) union’s unemployment insurance fund. All of these courses were held at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager because, as he puts it, “The venue is just the right environment for these courses: a location on the green space of Fælleden that prompts creative thinking, wonderful staff who contribute to the positive energy around the people attending my courses, and the conference facilities and rooms themselves, which are high quality without being extravagant.”

A comfortable enviroment

Ole Terp is from West Jutland, and perhaps that is why he can’t help mentioning the price. It is cheap to stay at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager! Not because that is a decisive factor for his courses, but it does provide a good indicator of the fact that the value of the course will be in its content and in what is taught – not in luxurious catering and cognac with the coffee.

“The people attending my courses need to be challenged at an intellectual level, and they get that challenge from me during the training. During the evening and in breaks in training sessions, they need a pleasant environment for socialising where they can recharge their batteries and get to know each other. Danhostel Copenhagen Amager provides a comfortable environment that quickly helps guests to relax and feel at home. As a guest, you feel as if you are being invited in to the family, and within no time you’re on first-name terms with everyone – the chef, the receptionist and the cleaner – even if, like my course participants, you’re typically only here for 1½ days. You can’t put a price on that,” concludes Ole Terp with a smile.

Let us create the perfect conditions

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Danhostel - My invisible partner 

When Magnus Wilstrup from the consultancy firm Inteam is standing alone in front of a roomful of course participants and has to be a host, a trainer and a practical coordinator all at the same time, it is comforting to know that someone has your back. Here at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager, he is confident about having an invisible partner at his shoulder. It’s a technique that works. The light and welcoming conference rooms are always ready for use. There is also one staff member available around the clock who is familiar with his programme and who can help to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Inteam is a consultancy firm that specialises in tailoring programmes for companies undergoing periods of transition. Sometimes these companies need help with strategy and management, while at other times they may need intensive training for their in-house trainers or sales staff – or Inteam might find itself helping amalgamated groups of employees to find a common way ahead.

Understanding And support

Inteam often uses Danhostel Copenhagen Amager for its events and courses, and even though the programmes and participants are never identical, Inteam’s requirements for the course venue remain the same: It has to be highly professional, because there is no time for fire-fighting or misunderstandings once the clock is ticking. Before the start of the course, Magnus often has a meeting with the contact person at Danhostel, and often this will result in special arrangements being put in place: Once they were put in a separate wing of the building because they also had a number of joint activities in the evening and they did not want to disturb the other guests.

“We simply could not put on our courses if we didn’t have the back-up from the venue that we get here at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager. They are our invisible partners who stand in the background and make sure that everything always runs smoothly.”

A positive surprise

When Inteam puts on a course in the city, they always ask the course participants to evaluate both the course and the facilities, and there is always good feedback following a stay at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager:

“When we invite our course participants to stay at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager, we often get a reaction of: What? A hostel? What’s fun then is to see their reaction when they experience the reality behind the old-fashioned hostel concept: the light, modern training rooms, the excellent private accommodation, the helpful, smiling staff and then the wonderful countryside just outside the door. And then they smile – because that really is the feeling of luxury and being tucked away in a secret hideaway rolled into one.”

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