Surroundings for the entire family

At Danhostel Copenhagen Amager, you will find a great amount of facilities that will make the holiday in the lovely capital of Denmark a little more fun. Even though the hostel is only situated four kilometers from the city center, it can be nice to have some breathing room where it’s possible to relax, let the kids play at the playground while you have a cup of coffee.


Kick off your shoes and relax

At Danhostel Copenhagen Amager we try our very best to make you feel at home. That’s why we have multiple lounge areas, where you can relax and enjoy each other’s company.

You can enjoy our newly established Winter garden from the lounge area next to the reception, where you can also buy a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Furthermore, we have a stable Wi-Fi connection on our entire area.


For the children

As a child, a great mini vacation can get even better if good facilities for play are present. That’s why we have a big, funny, and challenging playground with great opportunities for active play. Furthermore, we have table tennis, soccer field, foosball table, and an indoor play area for the youngest children.


Kitchen facilities

As a family with children, it can be nice to make your own choice about when to have dinner. That’s why we have a bright and inviting guest kitchen along with a patio, where it’s possible to have a barbeque. In the kitchen, you will find everything you need to cook for the family. Cutlery and extra crockery can be borrowed from the reception – you just need to leave your room key as deposit whilst using it. Please be aware that there are no regular ovens in the guest kitchen – only a combi oven is available.

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