Environment & CO2

We are doing something for the environment

With views out onto the scenic common, it’s obvious: Of course we think green at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager. And there was never a moment’s hesitation when we were given the opportunity to become a DONG climate partner.

What is a climate partner?

As a climate partner, we share responsibility for the world’s climate challenges. It may sound big and vague, but it is in fact very simple: We set specific goals for our own environmental work, we take a critical look at our own energy consumption, and we rely on renewable energy, e.g. from offshore wind farms. 

Focus areas at Amager

Even though the climate partnership must be seen as a long-term investment and the major economic gains remain some way off in the future, there are some results to be achieved in the short term.
Here at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager, we have for the first time chosen to take a closer look at our lights, toilets and circulating pumps.

Among other things, we have chosen the following focus areas:

  • Energy-saving bulbs where appropriate
  • Waste-sorting
  • Low-flush toilets
  • Water-saving showers
  • Water-saving taps
  • Heating management
  • Environmentally friendly district heating
  • Room sensors in corridors and bathrooms
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Bedding, towels and other textiles laundered at an environmentally-approved laundry
  • Environmentally friendly pumps
  • CO2-neutral website

We have found out in a very short time that consideration for the public interest and running a business do not need to be two distinct things – they can go hand-in-hand.


The natural choice

Our decision to become a climate partner is fundamentally a matter of wanting to make an active choice – a choice for us, but also for future generations.

And guests in the future will also have an opportunity to enjoy a stay here, where we have big skies and green spaces that stretch as far as the eye can see.


Environmental friendliness

Here at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager, one of our core values is Responsibility. This is something that is expressed in many different ways but, among other things, we feel a great responsibility to the world in which we all live. This is one of the reasons why, in spring 2014, we had a brand new solar cell system installed that can meet much of our electricity needs. To put it briefly, this means that we are significantly reducing our CO2 emissions, while still supplying heating and lighting for our many guests.

Below, you can follow the amount of energy generated by our system LIVE and see how much our environmental impact is being reduced. The reading is updated every ten minutes.


114360.32 kg

Saved CO2 emissions

382.26 stk

Corresponds to the number of trees

0.00 kWh

Production today

1.09 MWh

This month

253.01 MWh

Total MWh

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